Camas County School District #121

We educate. We engage. We empower.

Inspiring every Musher to excel!

My name is Nathan Whittle, and I am excited to serve as your superintendent/K-12 principal and to welcome you back to the 2019-2020 school year! We have been hard at work this summer and are excited for this new year and all of the great things we have planned. Musher pride is everywhere and I am honored to be here and to be able to continue the great work already being done. We will always work to keep improving and to do our best for our students.

Our staff serves approximately 175 unique and talented students and I believe that our greatest strength is found in our deep commitment to teaching all students and their unique desire and ability to foster growth within themselves as well as every individual child.

One of my greatest expectations and hopes is for everyone who walks the halls of Camas County Schools is excited to be there and full of Musher pride. I believe one of our greatest strengths is found in the staff’s deep commitment to teaching all students. They have a unique desire and ability to grow professionally and illicit growth from the students they serve. One focus of our staff and students will be to continue to improve ourselves as we strive to be the best version of ourselves daily. This will allow us to rise to meet our challenges while having fun.

We believe that all students can rise to meet their challenges in order to learn and grow academically and as citizens. Our staff is committed to do the things necessary to ensure that we continually improve our learning and growth plan for all students and that we maintain our commitment to professionally prepare to provide standard based units, daily lessons that engage the learners with clear objectives, assessments to inform our instruction, the ability to offer help in the form of interventions or advanced opportunity to those students who need it, and to give appropriate feedback to students and parents.

We recognize that we are always a work in progress and we will celebrate our strengths and learn from our challenges because we work with a growth mindset. We value your input and welcome visitors and I invite you to meet with me. Throughout the course of the school day, you will often find me in classrooms working together with our teachers and students. In order to assure that you are able to find me in my office, please call ahead and schedule a time with our secretary. I look forward to meeting with you!

We clearly understand the great amount of trust that our students, families, and community members have in us and we thank you. We commit to be the best version of ourselves here, every day.

What a great day to be a Musher!


Nathan Whittle

Superintendent/K-12 Principal

Camas County School District ~ 610 Soldier Road ~ Fairfield, Idaho 83327 ~ (208) 764-2472